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A recent survey found that 9% of Americans haven’t updated their home decor in more than ten years, and almost half haven’t in the last five. If it’s time to update your decor, reupholstering chairs, couches, and ottomans can be a great way to put your own unique spin on a classic antique. With the right furniture repair, you can save that gorgeous mid-century modern couch that’s been collecting dust. However, when choosing new upholstery, it’s easy to make a few furniture faux pas. Make sure you don’t commit these style sins when choosing custom upholstery.


  1. Mixing patterns: When it comes to fashion and furniture trends, bold prints are officially in. But be careful with using this trend too much or in the wrong ways. A broad mix of patterns and prints on a few different pieces of furniture will clash and make your room look overcrowded. Keeping your room visually interesting is important, but too much going on will make it look like the room has too much in it. Pick one or two statement pieces to use bold patterns on; they’re sure to strike up a conversation at your next social gathering.
  2. Remember the room: It can be tempting when reupholstering your furniture to pick your favorite colors, or the newest big trending hue for the coming year. However, make sure you keep in mind the room the furniture will be in. Forgetting to match fabrics to your wallpaper or paint color can lead to mismatched rooms that look disorganized or too busy. See if you can bring a paint swatch when you’re picking out your fabric to make sure the color you choose will work in the room.
  3. Avoid light colors: White might be a trending color for your furniture right now, with the minimalist decor style being all the rage. However, this might be a trend to skip on. White, and other light-colored fabrics, can show stains too easily. If you have pets or a young child, avoid these fabrics at all costs; you’ll end up having to make use of upholstery services far sooner. If you want to make sure your upholstery lasts, pick fabrics that are darker in color and easily cleaned.


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