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It’s likely that you don’t think about reupholstering your home furniture, commercial furniture, car seats or boat seats until you find yourself in immediate need of repairs. Luckily, there are professional upholstery companies out there like Rocky Mountain Upholstery Company that specialize in rejuvenating all types of furniture in various states of wear. Your seating can be like new again in as little as a couple days! But you may be wondering why you should bring your business to us. With that in mind, let’s review some pros of using Rocky Mountain Upholstery Company for restoration services and leather repair in Colorado Springs.

Our repair services are vast

Leather seats can be installed in more than just cars, and restoring upholstery, carpet and plastic elements isn’t merely a residential issue—it’s also a commercial business problem. Therefore, not only do we offer leather repair and restoration services for vehicles such as cars, trucks and RVs, but we also take on furniture, boats, aircraft and more.

We can save you a lot on replacement costs

Restoring a piece of leather furniture or a car interior is a good option and excellent value when compared to the replacement costs of leather components. In recent years, the price of completely new leather features—like car seats, lounge chairs and hotel lobby couches—has dramatically increased. It’s for this reason that many people have turned to companies offering affordable leather restoration services to restore their existing items. You do have to be okay with knowing your leather sofa is going to look different, but for the better.

Investing in leather repairs makes sense when seats have mild to moderate damage, but you also shouldn’t count us out when the damage is more severe—call us for a consultation! Common repairs include worn and faded couch cushions, rips and tears and burns from damage caused by pets, children, cigarettes and cigars and normal wear and tear.

Additionally, re-dyeing the existing leather upholstery on items such as sofas, chairs, convertible tops and airplane seats can be a great option—especially if the piece is still maintaining its overall integrity. Also, your choice to restore or re-dye over buying a replacement item keeps our landfills clear and your wallet happy.

Exceptional customer service

Hands down, our trained team of repair and reupholstery specialists is the best in the business. We take our work seriously, while ensuring our demeanor is always friendly and welcoming toward our valued clients. There is no residential or commercial project so big or small that it could hinder our ability to provide exceptional customer service alongside noticeable, top-notch results.

Whether you are in need of leather repair in Colorado Springs for your car, truck, boat, RV or other vehicles, make sure your first call is to the experienced team at Rocky Mountain Upholstery Company. With a specialty in providing assistance to those with fine furniture, watercrafts, autos and more, we are your go-to company for quality professional services for all your restoration needs. Contact us today with your questions, or to set up an appointment!