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As a part of the family at Rocky Mountain Upholstery, Zac has been learning the upholstery trade from a young age. He is an adventure seeking individual, with a keen eye. Zac enjoys inquiring about many things. He has experienced a vast array of the upholstery trade growing up in it. He continuously broadens his knowledge in all aspects of the upholstery trade. Zac is great at finding ways to simplify the process of everything he learns without sacrificing a high level of quality.

Specializing in antique furniture, he adds a key component to the team at Rocky Mountain Upholstery. He loves working on the most intricate pieces of furniture, because he enjoys a challenge. His love for his craft reflects in every piece of furniture he outputs. Zac takes the time necessary to line up patterns perfectly, and to create symmetry & quality in all the peaces he works on. His work is soothing to the eye. The finished antique furniture is comfortable and good as new when finished.

Zac excels at all forms of automotive upholstery. Classic cars peak his interest. He creates custom door panels, headliners, headrests, center counsels, and seats. He also installs dashes, convertible tops, and creates complex stitch patterns to draw in the eye. His interest in automotive interior and attention to detail make him one of the best upholsters in the area. Zac will fix and/or upgrade anything from the trunk to the carpeting to the steering wheel. Zac takes pride in his work, and it shows in his finished product.

Working from the foam to the fabric, the inside out, Zac is one of the best in the upholstery trade, carrying on into a new generation. He is a forward thinker, and chooses to direct his creative energy into his upholstery work. Although, he can reupholster almost anything, he specializes in more intricate forms of the trade. Zac brings nothing less than his best to the shop, and his work in exemplary. Learning the upholstery trade from a young age, Zac is a step ahead, and has an in depth understanding of how crucial it is to create quality upholstery.