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When you think of upholstered furniture in need of repair, you probably envision residential furniture in tattered ruins—like old couches, antique chairs and weathered outdoor furniture fabric. But the truth is, commercial furniture will also run into similar upholstery problems as time goes by. The good news is that, because business owners have easy access to professional upholstering and reupholstering services, many are opting to fix up older commercial furniture instead of buying brand new pieces.

What are some of the reasons for businesses to reupholster what they already own?

At the top of the list is money. Many small to medium size businesses and nonprofits simply do not have the budget to replace their furniture. To keep costs low, they’ll let an upholstery company make repairs at a fraction of the cost of purchasing new. Furthermore, investing in reupholstering services is a much easier and affordable decision for most business owners.

Now, let’s look at four types of businesses that should take advantage of services for commercial upholstery in Colorado Springs:

  • Restaurants: A busy restaurant that serves people all day long is liable to need new chairs, benches, stools and booths at some point. But instead of spending money on complete replacements, why not have repairs made when it’s only the seat fabric that’s worse for wear? After all, the sturdy seating frames are likely still in good condition. Choose an upholstery material that can keep up with your patrons and is easy to maintain, and you won’t have to reupholster chairs for a long time.
  • Movie theaters: Although movie theatergoers typically sit still during shows, each seat is subjected to hundreds of people in a given week. Regular up and down motions can cause the seats wear quickly, but not necessarily at the same rate. Check your theater seating often and have individual chairs reupholstered to ensure your movie patrons are comfortable and will want to come back again.
  • Hotels: The first thing most visitors notice about a hotel is its lobby. If the chairs and sofas are falling apart, and generally lacking visual appeal, not only are visitors less likely to want to sit down, but their first impression of the hotel is a negative one. To revitalize your hotel’s numerous seating options, both in the lobby and in the rooms, consider hiring an upholstery expert to work their magic.
  • Medical centers: From hospital beds to doctor waiting rooms, you will find that all the furniture used in medical facilities is subjected to heavy use everyday. Still, it’s important that it come off as clean and inviting to patients—so those torn waiting room chair or bench cushions and worn hospital bed mattress tops are going to need a makeover. When you choose to reupholster the furniture in your medical facility, you’re saving money and providing a higher level of patient comfort.

No matter the type or size of your business’ upholstery or reupholstery project, the skilled team at Rocky Mountain Upholstery Company is ready to breathe life back into all your furniture pieces. We specialize in commercial upholstery in Colorado Springs, so don’t hesitate to give us a call!