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So you bought a car recently and are concerned about keeping it looking great. Most likely you know how to keep the exterior clean and protected, but what about the inside? We’re not talking about the engine. We mean things like the dashboard, carpet, and seats. Do you know all the dos and don’ts of auto upholstery repair and care?

  • Do vacuum regularly: The vacuum at your local car wash is a handy tool for keeping the interior of your vehicle clean and in top condition. Besides getting rid of dust and dirt, regular vacuuming can get all that grit that gets stuck in between the seat and in the spaces between interior elements like the gear shift and cup holders. Many car washes offer free vacuums with the purchase of any service.
  • Don’t use just any cleaning products: It might be tempting to clean your dashboard or the seats in your vehicle with any old cleaner you have lying around the garage or that’s under the kitchen sink. However, if you want to avoid unnecessary car upholstery repairs, make sure you’re using carpet and upholstery cleaner to get rid of stains, spills, spots and dirt on your vehicle’s upholstery. These cleaners don’t introduce very much moisture which keeps you from ending up with mold or mildew problems inside your car.
  • Do use special cleaner on leather interior: If you have any leather upholstery in your automobile, you need to give it a little TLC from time to time to keep it from cracking. Use a cleaner formulated for leather and follow them up with a leather conditioner. It’s safe to vacuum leather, but don’t skip the other steps. That way your car’s upholstery will last longer and won’t be prone to rips and tears.
  • Don’t forget the trunk: Did you know that leaving heavy items in your trunk reduces your vehicle’s gas mileage? Avoid using your car’s trunk as extra storage. While you’re back there, remember to vacuum the trunk when you’re vacuuming your car. Keeping your car in premium condition everywhere increases its resale or trade-in value when it’s time to replace it.
  • Do keep your dashboard clean: Over time your car’s dashboard collects dust and bacteria. You probably don’t notice it until it gets really obvious. You can vacuum it when you’re vacuuming the rest of your car, but wiping it with a dust cloth and protecting it with something like Armor All or another protectant will help keep it looking like new for as long as possible.
  • Don’t repair auto upholstery yourself: You wouldn’t perform surgery on yourself, or give yourself stitches, so why would you try to do auto upholstery repair yourself? That might seem dramatic and sure, you can find car upholstery patch kits, but when it comes to ripped, torn, cracked or faded leather and upholstery, it’s better to trust your vehicle to an experienced upholsterer who specializes in car upholstery repair.

Now that you know what to do and what not to do when it comes to taking care of the interior of your vehicle, including your car’s upholstery, you can feel confident you won’t be needing auto upholstery repair for a long time. But you also know if rips and tears should happen, trust an expert and don’t perform DIY repairs.

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