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If you are thinking about reupholstering your vehicle’s seats, then you need to seriously consider investing in leather—even if your car or truck has always had cloth seats. Leather offers so much more than simply a nice, sleek interior, and goes beyond being a classy way for you and your passengers to travel. In fact, reupholstering your car seats with leather can increase its resale value, while also giving you a confidence boost. And while you can choose to have a custom upholstery job performed, you may want to learn more about another option—leather seat kits—before making a decision.

Here are some benefits of using leather interior kits for car reupholstering in Colorado Springs:

  • Affordability: One of the most appealing aspects of using a leather interior kit to redo your car seats is affordability—it’s going to be about half of the cost of a custom reupholstery job. With a kit, the leather is put over your existing seats, versus complete reupholstery or replacing the seats with already-made leather ones.
  • Comfort: Many car owners choose leather car upholstery because it’s a strong, thick material that tends to be more comfortable for sitting on. Moreover, leather is supportive, which can improve a driver’s posture. Comfort and support is especially important to people who drive long distances or are subjected to rush hour traffic on a daily basis. And while leather gets hot in the summer and cold in winter, many vehicles are equipped with seat temperature controls, which adds to the comfort.
  • New car smell: Who doesn’t like that new car smell? Using a leather interior kit infuses your car’s interior with a “brand new” aroma every driver can appreciate. If you want to enhance the like-new smell, look into having new carpeting installed right along with your leather interior kit for car reupholstering in Colorado Springs. Now, everything will smell fresh and new!
  • Easy to clean: Unlike fabric car seat upholstery, leather is fairly easy to keep clean, due mostly in part to its sleek surface. A dry cloth can wipe off crumbs, dust and hair, and vacuuming up debris is a cinch. For a more thorough cleaning, use a leather conditioning care kit.
  • Minimizes allergens: Along the same lines as cleaning, leather car upholstery can minimize the amount of allergens that stay inside your vehicle. Cloth seating can trap dust, dirt, dander, mites, stains, pollen and other allergens, whereas leather is easy to wipe clean without needing to scrub.
  • Looks new: With proper cleaning maintenance and leather treatments, your car’s or truck’s new leather seat upholstery can maintain a like-new appearance for a long time. Overall, normal wear and tear is less visible on leather upholstery.
  • Fast pro installation: If you choose to have a professional company install your leather interior car seat kit, give us a call at Rocky Mountain Upholstery Company. We can have your seats all done and ready within two days!

For the highest quality car reupholstering in Colorado Springs, look no further than the professional team of specialists at Rocky Mountain Upholstery Company. We can make your vehicle interior like new in no time—contact us today to learn more!